Since I’ve started learning Norwegian on uni recently, I’ve got some cool books. So if any of you are interested in having those, let me know via askbox :)

So far I can offer:

  • På Vei. Tekstbok (2013)
  • På Vei. Arbeidsbok (2013)
  • Ny i Norge. Tekstbok (2013)
  • Ny i Norge. Arbeidsbok (2013)
  • Praktisk norsk 2 (2008)
  • Norsk grammatikk. Norsk som andrespråk. Teoribok (2009)

All of the books are PDFs and I’ll share them on Dropbox.

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Hi everybody,

I’m quite busy for the next few weeks so I don’t have a lot of time to watch Ylvis videos. I plan to post/reblog them, but for now there will only be basic tags. I promise to add more specific tags to help you easily find things in the future after I’ve watched everything (which will hopefully be on Sundays). Please let me know if I don’t reblog any videos, photos, news, etc. and it seems like I missed them. Have a fantastic Wednesday!




You can’t show me Vegard in a t-shirt doing something with his hands while chewing on a toothpick (or something) and not expect me to make a terrible screenshot of it.


You can’t show me Vegard in a t-shirt doing something with his hands while chewing on a toothpick (or something) and not expect me to make a terrible screenshot of it.

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Pretty pretty princess



Ylvis with cats, from S02E14

i dont know if i should say AWWWWW because of the kittens or them…

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that lingering hand tho

ugh just…ugh

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addictedtoylvis said: I just listened to Mr. Toot about ten times in a row and since I consider you the Mr. Toot expert I was wondering if you could help me. :) I have trouble hearing higher-pitched sounds so all I can really hear is Vegard singing and the bass/drums that he sampled from Balkan Beat Box's "Adir Adirim". Can you tell me, did Ylvis borrow anything else musically from "Adir Adirim"? Like, is the vocal melody taken from that song at all, or the parts on the oud/toot? Thanks!!


Haha, the expert for Mr. Toot xD i am so honored :-) Lol, it is great you ask, because I have problems hearing low sounds, so we kinda complete each other ^^ Buuuut… I’ll give it a try, listen to this version for references

  • the bam-bam-thingy at the beginning is borrowed, but the rhythm is slightly different.
  • The mhm-mhm at 0:17 is also taken from Balkan Beat box (wow I really thought that was Vegard).
  • the percussions that start at 0:10 are used through Mr. Toot, too, but they are more bassy and one beat is skipped, making Mr. Toot more danceable and comfortable to listen too. Later the Balkan Beat Box version changes until it is almost identical to Mr. Toot, the beat on beat 1+ is still skipped in Mr. Toot if I hear it correctly
  • there are faint background sounds in Adir Adirim, starting at 0:20. Sounds like people yelling or sirens to me. Mr. Toot has them in it, too, but they aren’t as noticeable because of the “hey” every second time the riff is played. 
  • Using a BPM counter, I would say that the riff in Mr. Toot is faster by ca. 4 beats per minute
  • Obviously the singing part is missing that starts after the riff is repeated 4 times. Vegard sings over 8 riffs until the stop.
  • The stop and the beats at “what’s that sound…” are not featured in Adir Adirim. 
  • The toot-solo is completely taken from Adir Adirim, including the second sound layer
  • The singing from 1:05 is obviously taken out (honestly I find it quite annoying).
  • There are added strings at Mr. Toot, 1:42 and 1:47. Couldn’t find them in Adir Adirim. 
  • There is a short sequence of background choir at 1:42 in Adir Adirim. Similar, but tuned down a lot, you can hear it at 1:51 in Mr. Toot. Also, much more profound, at the last Toot - Part (played by the little boy). 
  • The Midi Toot part is all Ylvis xD
  • The Midi Toot part ends in a synthesizer - sound, similar to the one in the beginning of “Galvanize” from the Chemical brothers, but tuned down. Couldn’t find it in Adir Adirim, although there are a lot of hidden sounds. Maybe somewhere in between. But my guess is that Ylvis added it to fill the void between the midi toot part and Vegard’s solo. 
  • The solo part of Vegard when Mr. Toot flees contains only overdubbed percussion and bass. It then crescents until the main melody is there again. All Ylvis - made. 

I hope I could be of service^^

"please, ylvis, stop making music.""do we have to? we think it’s cool. isn’t it a better solution if you stop listening? #revy #kred", [x]

"please, ylvis, stop making music."
"do we have to? we think it’s cool. isn’t it a better solution if you stop listening? #revy #kred", [x]

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Does anyone have any good screenshots of S4 Vegard?


Getting a haircut next week, and unless anyone has anything against me getting my hair cut like him again, I’m going to continue the trend.

But I need some good pics so anyone got any good hair pics?

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