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Ylvis on Sommeråpent 15/08


Ylvis will be in the Norwegian summer talk show “Sommeråpent” today, Friday at 21.30 CET.

Guys, I have to spend some time with my real family (we’ve met all together after a few months). And my room is occupied and I have no computer right now (well, I also have a laptop, but it freezes almost every time when I try to scroll down my tumblr dash lol) SO PLEASE FORGIVE ME FOR THE DELAY IN REPLYING TO MESSAGES :P

Btw I’m gonna be on queue.


What car do you drive?


What car do you drive?

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So I’m watching the Norges Herligste Galla



was there really not enough room for them to stand beside eachother like normal hosts…

Video Help!


is there any possible way for me to find Ylvis music videos without the subtitles like they have in all their videos?

Or is there a program (free please) that I can use to crop the bottom off?

Just another fan of two Norwegian assholes and their pårn star blond friend. Interested in gardening and zoology, especially hamster and solsikke, if you know what I mean.

I usually only reblog other people's stuff, however sometimes I make shitty gifs which you can find under link below that text. All gifs are based on materials stolen from the internet, so all in all I'm just a regular thief.

At the beginning I thought it would be a multifandom blog, but as you can see YLVIS have totally dominated my life recently.

I'm terrible at replying to messages and those taggy things. If I haven't replied to something please please please don't take it personal.

Sorry for my English.
I sometimes make tragically stupid mistakes.

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