Puppy eyes + lip bite


Puppy eyes + lip bite

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People ask me why the hell I am learning norwegian and I just sit there like


Bård asks important questions


Bård asks important questions


wow these things are scarily accurate wow


Vegard being all authoritative towards his new sidekick.

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I will let these speak for themselves…

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Who won Senkveld Duellen 2008 (Hearing suppressed challenge)?

The results by sanjoseelaine!
Check out Part 1 by lundsdotter


do you ever stay in the shower for so long you forget who you are

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wheeeeeere is this from?????? And why haven’t I seen it?? 

In case it hasn’t been answered yet…it’s from here.  The video may not play for some (it seems to be hit and miss) so I was able to upload the thing to YT.  Here is THAT link (just in case.)  Special thanks to jaevlasolsikke1 for the link.  :-)

and thanks to incarsandthroughtime for the help finding which channel it was on! Go team!

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