Bård: Well, I need a new phone,it broke- cause my brother and wife was fighting.

Vegard: I still got bit marks from that fight!

Bård: Yes… This is not such a weird a story as it sounds…

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Preikestolen, Norway.


Preikestolen, Norway.

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Best of Expensive Jacket Tour


Ylvis Family participation :D

I’ve had this idea in my head for about a month and now is the time! Let’s do a “best of” the EJT. First we’ll do nominations, then voting.

Later this week I’ll make another post with source links of videos for you to review, a set list, and a list of all their shows, but for now if you already can think of some, you can start sending me nominations with video links. Think about funny/cute stuff they said/did, best camera angles, dance moves, best moaning sounds, most awkward, shirtless-ness, best sounding, energy, whatever. Pick your favorites, and send them to me.


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This is going to be fun. I’m excited!


Soooo. Here it is! The story goes that the night of the concert we were rather upset that so many other people got to meet them and we did not. But when we were leaving for the airport (Lise, Elin, Mikaela and I ) I told them that I was positive they would be at the airport. The girls left and I pondered if I should try to take a nap or not, but thank god I did not! I decided to hang by the security check in case some of them (or all) showed up, there is only that one they can walk through. So as I was walking there, I almost bumped into Magnus and said hi to him in a stupid little girl voice (facepalm!) but them I of course started searching for Vegard and Bård. Bård was nowhere to be seen, but I saw Vegard and my tummy did this little flippety-flop. My gods, he was actually there, LIVE! So I was acting totally stalkery and walked behind them to see where they would sit and THEN bother them. But it turned out Vegard was the protective one and walked Magnus to his gate and then turned back. Magnus was on his way to Oslo and Vegard wasn’t, he was going either to Bergen or I think the other place was Tønsberg (I guess it was a tiny plane). So I pulled his sleeve on the escalator and said sorry in Norwegian to him and asked if he had a moment to sign my book. And the babe he is, he said of course he would. So I pulled the book out of my bag and gave him a pencil (which I think I will frame on my wall or something!!) and he wrote a long inscription on my book. He asked where I was from and and I told him and he was genuinely surprised I came all the way mainly just for the concert :) How cute :D And I gave him a small pin that was a silvery fighter plane I got from the Finnish airforce and he genuinely seemed really pleased about it. And he wanted to hear where I got it from. And he said his son also likes planes! And he seemed genuinely sorry that he never saw the pics of the planes I sent him on Instagram. (he said he gets a lot of pics there. I wonder why!). And I asked if I could take a picture of him with me, and again he said of course :) So there was a random dude and  I asked him to do it for me. And I did not ask to touch his hair (and I am kicking myself for it!). He smelled really fresh and didn’t seem hungover at all and his leather jacket smelled so good!! (oh and I touched his hand twice on the concert when he ran past, btw). So this was my experience. I am never coming down from this high!!!!!

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oh yes

they are gay twins


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Ylvis & coke


"go get a job"

i’m a full time stay at home blogger excuse yourself

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Calleless Whisper


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