Bonito at Skavlan 1/2

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kiss me hard before u govegard ylvisåker sadness


kiss me hard before u go
vegard ylvisåker sadness

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i’m not used to getting so much new ylvis material but now there’s gonna be some every week someone hold me


they should have a 24h livefeed before every show I can’t come to terms with the fact that we’ll never see something like that again :(


IKMY 4x01 [English subtitles] 

Youtube link 

(There are some off timings with like two subtitles but they’ll be fixed i just figured you wanted it sooner than later) 

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And can’t you please stop it with your knitted sweaters because I can’t take it anymore

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Just another fan of two Norwegian assholes and their pårn star blond friend. Interested in gardening and zoology, especially hamster and solsikke, if you know what I mean.

I usually only reblog other people's stuff, however sometimes I make shitty gifs which you can find under link below that text. All gifs are based on materials stolen from the internet, so all in all I'm just a regular thief.

At the beginning I thought it would be a multifandom blog, but as you can see YLVIS have totally dominated my life recently.

I'm terrible at replying to messages and those taggy things. If I haven't replied to something please please please don't take it personal.

Sorry for my English.
I sometimes make tragically stupid mistakes.

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